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Pinterest best practices

Pinterest: Why financial bloggers should be pinning their content

By on Sep 29, 2014

Personal finance writers should look to Pinterest as a powerful way to get more traffic, according to one blogger who has had phenomenal success with the platform. Pinterest, said Ruth Soukup of LivingWellSpendingLess.com, is more than a place for crafts, recipes and wedding ideas. “Pinterest is probably the best and fastest way for bloggers in […]

4 podcasters on a panel

Why financial bloggers should start podcasting

  Financial bloggers should consider podcasting as a way to stand out, panelists at a national blogging conference advised last week. The encouragement came during a panel of podcasters at FinCon 2014, a financial bloggers conference held Sept. 17 – 20 in New Orleans.   Plus, Apple’s new iOS that rolled out earlier this month […]

Panel of freelance finance bloggers at FinCon14.

Freelance writing: How to successfully pitch an editor

For freelance writers, pitching stories can be intimidating. What should you say? How many clips should you include? How do you ask for more money? A panel of assignment editors at FinCon 2014 revealed what’s been successful with them.  The advice was offered up Saturday (Sept. 20) at FinCon in New Orleans. FinCon is a national […]

Bloggers at FinCon14 in New Orleans

Viral business writing: 23 ways to to succeed

Want to get more eyeballs to your stories? Writers and editors on a panel at FinCon 2014 say there are tried and true methods that give your pieces a better chance of going viral. The advice was offered up Friday (Sept. 19) at FinCon in New Orleans. FinCon is a national financial blogger conference that […]

The End written on a typewriter

Business Journalism: Some ‘moving on’ thoughts …

I was always Iron Man. I wasn’t the smartest person in journalism and I sure didn’t have the elite degrees, but I could outwork anyone. The reality is that while I am still fast and effective (I hope), my iron is facing its limits. Between my print Seattle Times columns, daily online columns for the […]

Getting the unemployment story right

Getting the unemployment story right

Homey is back from vacation with the same mandate. As Yoda would say, “Butt, I will kick. Names, I will take.” As I write the unemployment report for August has come out. At all too many places, the emphasis will be placed on the unemployment rate, which fell 0.1 percentage point to 6.1 percent. The […]

Matt Levine in his NPR Planet Money T-shirt.

Bloomberg View’s Matt Levine on being a financial columnist

People may not trust a banker. They also may not trust journalists. But a banker-turned-journalist?  Now he may be a little more trustworthy. Matt Levine, Bloomberg View’s Wall Street columnist, believes his readers have a certain level of trust in him because of his former banking experience. His previous career at Goldman Sachs prepared him […]

Public v Private, Power Searching, Detecting Fraud: Popular archives

Public v Private, Power Searching, Detecting Fraud: Popular archives

We keep all the tools for our training and share them on these Self-Guided Training pages. Another way that people find out about our training is when they stumble upon the slideshows we keep on our Slideshare.net account. Here are the Top 5 training slideshows from this summer. Chris Roush, award-winning professor and founding director […]

Baton Rouge hosts Reynolds' first custom newsroom training

Baton Rouge hosts Reynolds’ first custom newsroom training

Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a capitol city with a certain flair. It’s home to a sports powerhouse, Louisiana State University. It has avenues filled with stately homes, beautiful walks dripping with live oaks, and  some of the best food you’ll find anywhere in the South. For us at Reynolds, Baton Rouge is an extra special […]