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CNN's Sanjay Gupta reports on TKM-Ebola, a new drug in the works. PHOTO: CNN screenshot

As concern over Ebola spreads, how are local firms affected?

By on Sep 25, 2014

Troubling news this week from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about the burgeoning Ebola epidemic:  the CDC issued a worst-case scenario forecast of as many as 1.4 million cases by January.  While still largely confined to Africa, the Ebola outbreak is of growing concern worldwide and while […]

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Heirs to the Rockefeller oil fortune withdrew their funds from fossil fuel investments

Rockefeller move highlights socially-conscious investing trends

News came  this week — apparently timed to coincide with the United Nation’s Climate Summit 2014 held in New York City — that heirs to the petroleum-based Rockefeller family fortune planned to divest their $860 million charity fund from assets related to fossil fuels as CNBC reported.  Inside Philanthropy says it figures at least another […]

Kean University desk at convention

Conference and expo uptick may bring new business to your market

There’s something about the conference, convention and trade show industry that never fails to grab me. The ephemeral nature of these temporary small cities that arise, buzz for a few days with sales and schmoozing and demos and training and news — and then are dismantled forever… it’s intriguing and of course it’s big business […]

Holiday hiring stories are coming very early this year

Holiday hiring stories are coming very early this year

Yikes!  I had hoped to hold off till a little bit closer to, well, at least Halloween before tackling the holiday hiring scene.  But with word this last week of summer about the upsized holiday plans of corporations like UPS and Kohl’s, that reindeer has left the stable and your audience will be wondering where […]

Record highs stock market

Fed to keep interest rates low as savers experience continued woe

Well, Wall Street certainly appreciated news from the Federal Reserve on Wednesday that the central bank would refrain from changing its near zero-interest rate policy for a ‘considerable time.’   As the Wall Street Journal reports the Dow Jones industrial average chalked up another record close at 17,156.85. on Wednesday and 17,265.99 Thursday. Investors like low […]

Tipping can be arbitrary and in some cases discriminatory.

Tipping campaign from Marriott spotlights low-paid hospitality industry

From the “seemed like a good idea at the time” department:  Marriott International’s launch this week of a campaign to encourage the tipping of hotel housekeepers landed like a lead balloon, and has a number of angles that business writers can localize to take advantage of the buzz. Marriott on Monday said it has partnered […]

Scotch whisky plays a key role in Scotland's independence vote

Scotch whisky plays a key role in Scotland’s independence vote

For business writers, enlightening readers about the local ramifications of global events is interesting and rewarding.  And this week,  with all eyes on Scotland, you might take a few moments to show your audience how happenings across the pond might ripple back toward them. Scotland, a member of the United Kingdom, is allowing citizens to […]

Clean solar concentrator

Solar Power: Can the blazing demand for it be sustained?

Solar Power:  Sometimes a theme won’t take no for an answer; it keeps bubbling up here and there demanding to be recognized. A couple of weeks ago, a tradesman recommended a solar-powered charger for one of my electric-powered household gadgets.  Then I came across this story about solar-powered smartphone-charging park benches.  A few blocks down […]

Pile of old computers

New gadgets mean more demands for smart e-waste recycling

Last week’s news that Apple will be launching a new iPhone 6 and an iPhone watch — as well as the less-festive flash that poor Amazon has had to cut the price of its sluggish selling Fire mobile phone to 99 cents (from about $200) — conjured up visions of mountains of older models tossed […]