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Pinterest best practices

Pinterest: Why financial bloggers should be pinning their content

By on Sep 29, 2014

Personal finance writers should look to Pinterest as a powerful way to get more traffic, according to one blogger who has had phenomenal success with the platform. Pinterest, said Ruth Soukup of LivingWellSpendingLess.com, is more than a place for crafts, recipes and wedding ideas. “Pinterest is probably the best and fastest way for bloggers in […]

NLGJA Business of Me session

Headed to NLJGA in Chicago? Come say ‘hi!’

I am polishing off my Powerpoints and packing my business cards as I get ready to head to Chicago for the 2014 NLGJA Convention.  If you’re in Chicago anyway or specifically coming for the convention, I’d love to say “Hi.” I can update you on the new business journalism certificate program being launched by the […]

Social Media tools for journalists

What’s in your wallet … er, mobile device

At the shooting at Seattle Pacific University, Seattle Times reporters made heavy use of Twitter for news, updates and photos. But business writers need their mobile devices, too. Here are the apps I find useful if I have to work on the fly with my iPhone and iPad. Maybe commenters will offer some other suggestions. […]

Jon Talton Tweet

How I learned to stop worrying and love Twitter

In the past, I’ve mostly used Twitter for two things: To promote my columns and blog posts, and to create a Twitter feed on subjects such as economics that was high quality to as to attract followers. Now I am comfortable using it as another platform, beyond dead trees and the newspaper Web site, to […]


Healthcare, Snowden, side hustles: Learn by exploring Slideshare

If you don’t already spend time on Slideshare, you might check it out. Slideshare.net is a huge website where people share presentations – PowerPoints, documents, PDFs, videos and webinars. I know it’s popular to diss PowerPoints, and I agree that bad ones are terrible, but good ones can be great tools for learning something new. […]

Jon Talton Twitter @JonTalton topper

Social media: What is it good for?

I was always an early adopter. My first blog began in 1998, although I think the term is out of date for what are online columns. When social media came along, I signed right up. My experiences have been uneven at best. I’d love to hear from other journalists in the comments field. Remember one […]

Facebook Social Graph

How to use Facebook’s Social Graph and Google Plus to crowdsource

By Walter Pacheco A business reporter on deadline a while back asked if I knew anyone who worked at a local Darden restaurant that she could interview for a story. I didn’t and she was in a crunch. Her options: Stand in front of a Red Lobster or Olive Garden in the Florida heat and […]

Reporter's notebooks stacked up

Online archives: Piles of files no longer leave paper cuts

The new pagination system at the Seattle Times allows me to embed links in my Sunday column — that is, if you read it online. I usually do four or five URLs, everything from government reports and academic papers to data backing up a contention — even a hat tip to another columnist or business […]

As earnings season looms, companies explore social media to reach investors

As earnings season looms, companies explore social media to reach investors

One of the many benefits the Reynolds Center offers business journalists is the opportunity to hear from peers across the country and around the globe; the center’s workshops, webinars and website are meeting places where business and financial writers can exchange tips and ideas. And today we have a really useful suggestion from Susan Orr, […]